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Amrit Sandhar

The power of conviction…

When was the last time you reviewed the things that are most important to you in your life? Could you articulate the things you believe and that drive you to do what you do? What is your mission in life? What difference are you here to make?

It is no accident that every organisation these days has a mission statement, with values that underpin it, focusing on a clear purpose. The corporate world has tried to apply how human beings work, to a corporate entity. We are able to overcome seemingly impossible challenges, by the power of belief, and we all know that the strength of the belief drives the strength of the action that follows.

Politics will always be an important part of the corporate world. It is a part of human nature that we cannot escape. Yet, the power of conviction should not be frowned upon or looked at as a naive quality to have. The lack of conviction to a particular path means your position can change depending upon various factors at the time. To have conviction and follow through makes you stand apart and let’s look at human history for a moment. Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Mahtma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela all had strong convictions about the way life should be and they dedicated their lives for these, and gave their lives for these. They too could have changed their positions depending upon the circumstances. But being right, is being right, irrespective of timing. There is no such thing about being right at the wrong time, when you are driven by the powerful force of your beliefs. When you are driven by a purpose, the power of this overwhelms anything else.

When you can realise your own mission in life, your own purpose in life and understand the beliefs that have shaped you and drive you, life can become an effortless journey. Why? Because you will find that living in congruence with who you really are, can open doors and bring supporters flocking to you that you could not have imaged happening before. A level of ease develops within you and we all know people who we have met that are so at peace with who they are. They have clarity of what they are here to achieve. They are driving for a greater purpose, to aid society as a whole.

So, take some time out, lock yourself away and understand what it is that you are here to achieve. What is your purpose in life? What are the beliefs that have shaped how you behave with others, and how you expect others to behave with you? Once you are clear, then just follow your convictions to live a more meaningful life and you too may be surprised by the opportunities that present themselves to make life more effortless and your goals more achievable…

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Is life passing you by?

Image 1Earlier this week, I took my kids to see my favourite tree, at the end of Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa. Yes, my favourite tree. So what is so special about this tree? It is majestic and stands like a soldier who has survived many battles and has grown stronger from each one. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been in complete admiration of this tree. It is like a wise member of the family, like your Grandfather. As you approach it, your head naturally lowers, in respect of its magnificence.

It is only when I took my kids to see it that I realised, it had been too long since I had last visited. We sat as a family, in the shadow of this magnificent being. I couldn’t help but place my hands upon the trunk, close my eyes and wonder what changes it had witnessed. How many families like ours, had passed it by? How many births and deaths had occurred whilst it had stood silently to witness the ever changing world? How many hundred of years had it been here?

A few days previous, I needed to get my children away from the TV. I turned it off and got them into the garden, to see what different wildlife we could spot. Immediately we spotted this beautiful Dragonfly. We spent the whole afternoon, spotting things in the garden that I hadn’t seen. We had so much fun and went in with the knowledge that our garden was teeming with life, full and vibrant in all its colours.

Image 2

How often do we go through life missing amazing things all around us? How many people walk past life, preoccupied with worries? Nature has a wonderful way of grounding us, making us realise that our little world is not the whole world. Standing, staring at the ocean makes you realise the power in nature.

We are connected to nature and the earth. The moon influences us in ways scientists are still discovering. If you are stressed at work, finding it hard to balance work and home, and would love to go for a walk in the woods to ‘reconnect’ yourself, then listen to your intuition and make the time to do it. Just as when you are hungry or thirsty, your body is telling you of it’s needs. When we listen and follow through, we will make the most of life and we will not let it pass by…

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How Authentic are you…?

Some time ago, I had been working with a colleague to help her with her confidence. After a few meetings, I had started to question whether my intervention was having any impact. Throughout the previous sessions with this colleague, I was looking for the ‘door’.  What do I mean by the ‘door’? There is usually something specific that you find is in the way, an impasse, which once removed, allows you to live the life you were meant to.  Despite having three meetings, I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere. It was as though there was still a barrier that I could not pass, to help my colleague. Throughout these sessions, I was trying not to get frustrated but was questioning whether anything I had could work. This was in itself causing me additional anxiety.

The next session was the turning point. I approached the situation more openly and let my colleague talk, and I listened. Suddenly, everything began to make sense. I could see what was going on and there it was, the ‘door’! In that moment, I saw her eyes light up, I felt the excitement and we both knew. At that moment, everything changed. The answer was staring us both in the face. What had happened? What had changed? That precious moment that comes when you truly listen and hear the deep truth.

My colleague had expressed how she came alive when she behaved in a more extroverted manner. She called it ‘acting’. She shared how she used to be so extroverted in her earlier years. But as she was growing up, something had obviously changed. She hesitated as I asked why she couldn’t ‘act’ now going forward? ‘I want to be authentic’, was the reply. Authenticity is the most important aspect of human interactions. We pick up immediately when someone is not being authentic with us. Of course my colleague wanted to be authentic. Yet, if you had seen her eyes light up and her expression change, something became very apparent. What she had perceived as ‘acting’ was nothing more than her connecting with her authentic self. During the time she was growing up, this extraversion had been suppressed and her mind had been convinced that she was introverted and she behaved as such. This suppression of her real self was the issue…

Living a life out of alignment with who you really are and what you feel, can lead to health problems, issues of confidence, as you go through life questioning who you really are, and an inability to relate to others, as you have difficulty relating to yourself. Follow your heart, listen to the quiet still voice from deep within, and step into the life you were made for, the authentic you…

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