Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar


I am a qualified Executive Coach, Pharmacist and an Employee Engagement specialist. Having worked in the Community Pharmacy sector for over 19 years, I became more interested in why we as human beings do what we do, make the decisions we make and how we think. How we think can have a huge impact upon your health and well-being as well as on outcomes. Why were some people able to influence more than others? How can the voice in your head have such a detrimental impact upon confidence and performance? This led me to explore NLP, Executive coaching and many other interests. I have trained with Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Dr Steve Gillian and Joseph O’Connor in this journey of understanding.

Having reviewed the latest findings from studies in psychology and the latest thinking of what we know about our wonderful minds, I have realised the power of our mnds in creating realities that can either lead us to our goals or fill us with fear that we never fulfill our true potential.

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