Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

Never give up…

on January 8, 2015

When I was young, I always felt I was destined for great things. As I grew older, the cynicism of life took over, the childhood dreams evaporated and the struggle for becoming financially independent began. I was fortunate in choosing a career path where I was guaranteed a job as soon as I left university. Throughout my working life, there was always something niggling away at me, like a splinter that just would not come out. I changed careers, leaving the wonderful world of Pharmacy behind with wonderful memories of all the great people I’d worked with and all the wonderful patients I’d met in my life.

Having spent a number of years now in another field and experienced more of life, things are beginning to make more sense. I believe we are all destined for greatness in our lives. For some that might be for them to become painters, others might pursue volunteer work and for some it might mean freeing themselves to be the people they really want to be, rather than living the lives others had destined for them. My niggling that has become a constant companion has made itself known. My childhood dreams have come flooding back and it seems that I managed to take a detour from my destiny, but somehow I find myself back on the path that I managed to deviate from, without any awareness of my departure.

Steve Jobs, in his now infamous speech to graduates at Stamford University, shared his upbringing and how fate had twists and turns laid out in his life, and what seemed like a string of haphazard steps, with the experience of life, he could finally look back and connect the dots to realise, everything turned out the way it was meant to, everything was connected. We have just celebrated a brand new year. 2015, is our chance to reconnect with the child inside and dig deep, to reconnect with the dream that once smoldered in our hearts as kids. The chances are, you are probably on a path, not too far from one that you would like to pursue. And if you have ventured a little further, the chances are that finding your way back will be easier than you think. 2015 can be the year we decide to follow our dreams, and despite what may seem like the intentions of people around us, to keep us from taking the path awaiting us, we must never give up. Although I have only just rediscovered the excitement of a long lost dream, the feeling it’s given me has made me realise that dreams never truly leave us, and that we should never give up on them…

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