Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

Who dares wins…

on September 27, 2014

“What if?” What if it all goes wrong? What if I lose everything? What if people laugh at me? We make ourselves helpless, paralysed by fear and end up living an unfulfilled life. I’ve just finished watching the film ‘Who Dares Wins’, the moto of the SAS, after not seeing the film for many years. A great film that reminds you of the great work carried out by the armed services.

Who dares wins…think about this statement for a second…think about it, have you ever seen ordinary people doing extraordinary things? Have you seen an average looking guy who had the guts to approach the best looking girl and suddenly they are happily dating? Have you ever seen an ‘ordinary’ person set up a business anyone could have, and go on to make a success of it? Do you know anyone who had the conviction to follow their dreams and are now living a fulfilled life? As human beings, our survival instincts are set to look out for danger, to keep us alive. These survival instincts can go into overdrive and if we allow them to, they can prevent us from doing the very things that could unlock our potential, that could allow us to follow our passion, that could allow us to live a happy life.

Fear is a powerful emotion. Marketing thrives on creating fear and then providing solutions to alleviate it. It is said that human beings are born with two fears….falling and loud noises, everything else we learn. We learn to fear trying something different, we learn to fear deviating from a well-trodden path, we learn to fear realising our dreams…but Who Dares Wins…it always makes me think of an old Atari racing car game. Did you ever notice that when you were chasing the car in front, you always overtook it, yet whenever you were in the lead, your focus inevitably went to the rear view mirror and sure enough, you would get overtaken. Susan Jeffers in her book ‘Fear the fear and do it anyway’ shares the principle that feeling the fear, is part of being human. That doesn’t mean that this is a sign to stop. Focus on the fear and that’s what will happen. Focus on our dreams and fear can become excitement. So, just as the SAS dare to win…is realising your dream, your potential, your fulfilled life, worth daring to act for? Who Dares Wins…

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