Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

No pain no gain…

on October 1, 2013

We’ve heard this phrase so often when exercising the body. The thought of going to the gym, can become such an effort. Once you’ve been, you feel invigorated and glad you made the effort. The same is true of our minds. I attended a course a couple of weeks ago. It was one of those courses where you don’t know what to expect and I was cynical of what I would get out of it. Well, this course turned out to be the best course I have ever been on. My brain was hurting, trying to comprehend the information that was being shared. It was exhilarating and painful all at the same time. The three days of the course was a roller coaster of a journey for my mind, and challenged my thinking in so may ways.

I couldn’t remember the last time my brain had hurt in this way. I couldn’t remember from all the years in management, the last time I was challenged to review the foundations of my thoughts. When was the last time you faced such a challenge where your brain actually hurt? Are you playing too safe? If you cannot remember the last time you were challenged, it’s worth considering what you can do to put your mind through some pain. Our greatest challenge these days is a lack of time meaning we don’t always get time to plan or think in advance. As hard as our working lives may be, we rarely walk away feeling mentally challenged where we feel the joy and pain of the challenge. Just as going to the gym, it hurts initially. And just like going to the gym, we feel the exhilaration after the challenge.

What can you do to really challenge your thinking? How can you break down the barriers of your conventional thoughts? When you put up puzzles in canteens, you find people naturally want to solve them. We are problem solving machines, for no reason other than to solve problems. There are so many puzzles around us that need solving. Challenge your mind and feel the pain….because it’s true, until you feel the pain, there really is no gain…

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