Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

Dreamed a dream….but did nothing about it?

on September 10, 2013

How often have you had thoughts of wanting something or doing something, only to put the thought out of your mind, thinking it will never happen? How often have you explored the possibility of what would need to be true to make it happen? At what point does the dream become an action plan?

I have for the longest time, been aware that I have needed to strengthen my inner core. By this, I mean my stomach muscles and upper back. I have been frustrated with not having enough time to look after myself. I found that I had tension building up and I had no release. It was a conversation with my wife that made me think about why I was holding off doing something about it, despite being convinced this would help me. It was her wisdom that made me take action.

Well, I took the plunge and decided to get Pilates training. Yes, I am a man who now undertakes Pilates and guess what….I am loving it. When you take time out and listen to your body, you know deep down what you need, whether this is more sleep, a massage or a specific exercise. I knew my body needed Pilates. My trainer has been brilliant and I am releasing tension and building core body strength making me think I should have done this years ago.

We hold off looking after ourselves so often, even when we know the value it will add to our lives. It took my wife to make me realise that I had to stop complaining and do something if I really wanted it. It’s the same with the rest of life. Wanting something is no good without then taking action to get it. We so often, look at other people, wondering how they have what we yearn for or how they achieved their dreams. Whilst we occupy our time dreaming, we need to have a point at which this converts to action, if we really want it. So, if like me, you have been holding off, whether it is a life long dream or doing something you know you need, take action and make it happen. Until then, a dream is just a dream…

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