Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

How will they cope?….

on August 29, 2013

During these holiday months, many of us will have taken some time off from work, whether it was to spend time with your partner, children or just time away from work to recuperate. It can take a few days to finally get work ‘out of your system’. When you finally do, it’s a great feeling to be able to absorb yourself in your life again and switch off the Blackberry. For some though, this need to have holiday, to take it because we are allocated it, can be an inconvenience. ‘If I am not at work, how will they cope?’ Ever heard yourself say that? Others may take holiday, but not really be on holiday. They may see this as a great opportunity to finally ‘catch up’ on everything without the distractions of e-mails and meetings. They end up replying to e-mails, whilst they are ‘catching up’ and hey presto, they are at work, whilst being sat at home.

You may think that what I have described is not you, but we all go through situations like that where we do not switch off from work. Now, I want you think of yourself as one of your employees . Your manager is going on holiday. Your manager is probably a bit of a control freak, likes to do everything and sometimes this means things do not get done the best way or are completed, but not as quickly, because your manager wants to be involved in everything. Hooray! Your manager is going away! Finally, you can get things done the way they should be, the best way they can be. Finally, you can sort things out whilst the boss is away.

Your colleagues are probably more capable than you in many areas. I remember when I was working as a Pharmacist, my dispensing technician used to push me out of the dispensary, as she could do things far quicker than me. She used to tell me where she needed my skills and I listened (I had no choice!). The place worked like clock-work! Whilst you are away, this is a great opportunity for your team to do things their way. Diversity is the key to innovation and success. Holidays allow you to come back fresh, re-energised and with your wall of resilience, built up from any knocks it might have had, ready to take on anything. Holidays, are also a time for your team to demonstrate how fantastic they are.

When you look back through your life, the most informative moments came from mistakes made. If mistakes are made whilst you are away, remember, the learning in this will be valuable, approached in right way. When you do finally get back to work, open yourself up to the idea that they coped without you, in fact they coped very well indeed. Then think about how you can be on holiday more often, meaning how could you let your team take more control, whilst you are there. Let your team dictate where they need you, just like my dispensing technician used to do. The question is, how would you cope with that?…

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