Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

The pursuit of happiness…

on August 3, 2013

How happy are you? What is happiness? Think back on your life and remember a time when you were last truly happy. Did you know at that moment that you were happy? Is happiness something that you can experience in the moment, or only when you look back on your life?

We are working harder than ever. We have ever increasing costs and demands to keep up with the latest of everything, whether it’s clothing, gadgets or the best super foods. We want our children to be the best they can be, so we spend vast sums of money so that they can have the best advantage in life. In amongst all of this, we have to continue to demonstrate the value we add at work to ensure we do not fall behind and somehow put ourselves at risk. We eat food on the go, and the family unit is a 24 hour operation with various members of the family, living like strangers, renting rooms in a house. Cooking separately, if at all, sitting separately and hardly seeing each other. Thank goodness for social media!

What are we doing this all for? I used to laugh every time I drove down the M40 at the junction of the M25, just outside London. There was a sign on the side of the motorway, someone had painted stating ‘why do I do this every day?’. It did make me think!

What do we truly value? Are we living in accordance with our beliefs? True happiness may be, being content, being detached from wants. I remember when I had just qualified as a pharmacist. I was in London. I had much less money than I have now and I had no mortgage, no debts and no ties. I was at my happiest. As we go through life, we seem to add more and more shackles and then wonder why we are not enjoying life.

So ask yourself, what shackles do I have in my life? Is it the mortgage? Car loans? A yearning for a bigger house? An addiction to the latest gadgets? Now ask yourself, What could I do to free myself of these. Create a plan, so you know, by when, you will be free. In the meantime, you cannot add more.

True happiness, is contentment in life. This is not the same for everyone. How will you know you have got there? When there is no yearning for materialism, when your life is a demonstration of your values and beliefs. This is the best education we could give our children. For they may have the best foundation, but they will end up living the life the same way we have, unless we teach them the true meaning of contentment, for that is the pursuit of true happiness….

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