Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

Bask in your glory…

on July 21, 2013

Ever had one of those weeks, you knew in advance, that you would be tested to an extreme level and no matter how much you knew it was going to test you, this provided little comfort? My team have just been through this just last week. We knew 6 months ago that the week just gone would be our most challenging.

What a week! At the end of it, I felt like a proud father, having watched my children wipe the floor with the competition in a sports event! We delivered and to the highest standards! You would think that after this, we would probably have a week off to recover and reflect. Like every organisation, the work never ends. As human beings, we ourselves, can start to focus on all the things that could have gone better. It’s like when you come out of an exam, instead of remembering all the questions you might have got right, you focus on the ones you might have got wrong.

Times like this, when you pull off ‘miracles’, albeit with loads of effort, planning, dedication and commitment, we should take time out to bask in the glory. There is a huge part of Engagement which involves overcoming challenges and celebrating. We want worthwhile work, we also want work that stretches us and the satisfaction  that comes from delivering everything and more.

Next time you are facing the impossible….deep down, you will know that you can deliver. We are nothing without the people we work with. These challenges strengthen a team, make you realise how good you are, and then allow you to focus on the impossible, knowing it might just be within your grasp…

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