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Amrit Sandhar

Relax, don’t do it…

on July 8, 2013

I’ve been feeling a little run down recently. Over the weekend, I had totally lost my voice. My throat was sore and i didn’t feel great. When this happens, it lasts but a couple of days, yet it’s impact feels much worse. It feels so draining, because no matter how hard you try, you cannot get your words out. Initially, this is frustrating. Then you become exhausted, and finally you give in to the fact that no matter how hard you try, you will not make any difference, and could be making the recovery worse.

At this point, when you cannot get your words out and have stopped trying, you develop a level of patience that is probably unfamiliar to you. You no longer want to cut in towards the end of someone’s conversation, before someone else jumps in. You no longer think of responses, whilst another person is talking, but hasn’t yet finished. You become resigned to the fact that you will have to listen to everything being said…..everything.

After you have got over the frustration, and during the stage when you are relaxed and patient, you begin to feel liberated. No longer do you need to have anything to say. No longer do you need to have a defence or reply. Let’s face it, you couldn’t even if you wanted to. How liberating is that?!

When did you last have such patience? When do we get tired of constantly thinking? Our minds are always thinking. Even whilst reading his, you will be thinking, assessing, questioning, or agreeing. The liberation comes from not being able to reply. The freedom to just watch, listen and understand.

When you are talking to someone who is feeling anxious, they make you feel anxious too. What impact might you have when you are relaxed? How about when you are patient? Unfortunately, it may taken losing your voice to realise the power of silence and patience, and to truly liberate yourself from your thoughts, but once you feel it’s impact, you will not want to lose it…

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