Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

Probably the best idea in the world…

on June 28, 2013

Yes! That’s the truth of it. That proposal you put forward was probably the best idea in the world…at least you thought so. Yet during the debate with your peers or managers, they just ‘didn’t get it’ and you walked away feeling deflated. How could they not see the value in this? What is wrong with them?! During the debate, you felt yourself getting annoyed, which turned to frustration. Instead of being calm and relaxed, you found yourself getting emotional, cutting people off mid sentence to correct them because they were wrong in their assumption. Sound familiar?

It’s hard to get a great idea to the ‘right’ people in the world of business. When you do finally get your opportunity, you might think that it is an easy journey from now on. The risk at this stage is to wait until the meeting before doing anything. Ask yourself this question, what is your desired outcome? What is it you are trying to achieve or what problem are you trying to solve? Why is it important to solve this? Where’s the evidence to substantiate this is a problem? How will your proposal help? Preparation at the stage is critical. Next and most importantly, meet with each person attending the meeting and get their ‘buy-in’. Do not allow anyone to attend the meeting without knowing the purpose of the meeting, and their views on it.

We do not like debate. We want people to instantly ‘get’ our ideas, to relate to them, to visualise them as we do. Why would we ever want to get into a debate? Interestingly, a debate is probably just what we need with people who will really consider the issue at hand. During this debate, you may find your advocates, questioning your reasoning, your cynics, arguing in your favour, and they may well go full circle. This, despite all the preparation you carried out before the meeting by having everyone bought into the idea. At the end of this, what you will have is clarity of exactly what it is you are looking to solve, why it is an issue, what evidence you have to substantiate this and most importantly, how your proposal will help.

Your idea may well be the best idea in the world, now with some tweaks and probably a room full of supporters who felt that they helped co-create it. What you gain is the richness of a quality debate, and all the reasons why it should and should not go ahead. Great market research for you to go away and add the necessary builds.

So next time you are about to go into a meeting to debate your idea, carry out your preparation and welcome the debate with open arms. Market research is essential for the best of ventures. It will help you refine the product to be fit for the consumer…

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