Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

Fracking introverts!

on June 7, 2013

Ok so maybe we are not using hydraulics and we are not fracturing but I do want to break open this myth of introverts. In business these days, only the strong survive. You’ve got be loud and proud. You’ve got to be able to captivate an audience, command the stage and take control….right?

The Myers Briggs personality type indicators define people as extroverts and introverts. This is about how we get our energy or how we focus our attention. So in this cut throat business environment, what place is there for us Introverts, those of us who get our energy from taking time out alone and thinking things through? Susan Cain in her fantastic book ‘Quiet’, summarises the valuable part introverts play in the world and especially in the world of business. Whilst we need our extrovert colleagues to stand on stage and engage the crowds, us introverts are the ones who do the thinking, quietly and meticulously. That’s not to say extroverts do not. But if you look at many famous people who have helped shape the world we live in, it is the introverts that have quietly, from behind the scenes, made the changes needed.

Many years ago and even up until recently, being an introvert in business was almost a paradox. What place for introverts in business other than to be the ones who are locked away in the basement, doing the hard work. Yet, many leaders in business are introverts. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton are great examples of famous introverts. We should not be apologetic for being introverts. We introverts have heightened senses, we can read people better than most because we sit and observe. We watch and learn the dynamics between people. We like the quiet where we can sit and think…wonder about life. We want to build deep connections with people and want meaningful conversations because we find small talk at parties difficult and irrelevant. Introverts are necessary and required in business. Introverts no longer need to hide or be embarrassed. We have qualities that we should be proud of, and although we will never be the life and soul of the party, we will create connections with people and think on a level many will want to relate to…

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