Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar


on May 8, 2013

When was the last time you put yourself ‘out there’? What do I mean by that? I once had to share a piece of work with someone. I was taking a risk but I really wanted them to like what I had produced. You will have seen this many times, such as on MasterChef. The cook who decides to push the boat out and try something new. It can go one of two ways. Well, in my situation, it went the ‘wrong’ way. I walked away, deflated by the feedback. What was I making this mean? I was making the feedback mean it was personal. This was a reflection of my identity. Yet was it? It was feedback on my work. That’s it. This feedback spurred me on to produce something far better. The manner in which you receive this feedback is important, no doubt. But where I was initially content, once I had brushed myself down, I was able to produce something far better.

We think that putting ourselves at the mercy of others’ opinions is the worst thing we could ever do. Why would we do that to ourselves? Wallpaper. You only notice movement/ change. Whether it’s change that you initiated or change by others. Change gets noticed. Whether it’s a change in car, hairstyle, pain in the body or a change in the weather. Unless there is movement, for example, throbbing, pain in the body would go unnoticed.  Change can mean risk. There is also a risk where there is no change or movement, as things become like wallpaper. They go by unnoticed. Even things we see everyday. Without looking, could you draw the face of your watch? Yet you look at it everyday. When we put ourselves out there by taking risks, it is not the opinion of others that matter, but what we make it all mean that matters. So, next time you are faced with making a change or putting yourself out there, ask yourself, is it better to be wallpaper…?

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