Maximise Your Potential

Amrit Sandhar

The power of standing still

on May 6, 2013

We’ve had an amazing bank holiday. Fantastic weather for the whole weekend. What did you do with your time? I decided to spend the time with my children…we played all weekend. We were out in the garden for the whole time. This culminated in a barbeque with friends to enjoy the time together. Work is always busy. There is never enough time to complete all the tasks and never enough time to take time out to think. I could have easily spent the whole weekend catching up. Yet, there is such power in standing still and listening. I stood still and listened to my children. I mean genuinely, actively listened. I did not check my ipod/ ipad/ phone or laptop to see if the world was still spinning. I did not place myself in front of the TV, then wondering where the time had gone. I watched my children play, interact with each other and laugh with the complete freedom that only children seem to be able to.

Listening to my children made me realise how much older they were getting. The things they were coming out with and the fun they could create out of seemingly useless things. The joy of childhood. How did we allow ourselves to become so calcified that we lost the joy of living the way children do?

Children can teach us an awful lot. We can learn so much by standing still and just listening and watching. It feeds the soul and reminds us of the bigger picture.

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